BAYCC Educational Summer Scholarship Program

Welcome to the BAYCC Educational Summer Scholarship Program page.

Summer Scholarship Petition Guidelines

Application for Summer Scholarship: 04/01/2025 to  04/15/2025

When applying for the Summer scholarship, it is essential to complete a petition that clearly outlines your reasons for needing financial assistance specifically for the Summer term. The scholarship committee will carefully review your petition and make a decision based on the information you provide.


Petition Requirements:

  1. Statement of Need:
    • Describe your financial situation and explain why you require assistance for the Summer term.
    • Detail any specific circumstances or challenges that make the Summer scholarship crucial for you.
  1. Educational and Career Goals:
    • Explain how the Summer term fits into your overall educational and career plans.
    • Highlight any courses, internships, or other academic activities planned for the Summer that are critical for your progress.
  1. Impact of the Scholarship:
    • Discuss how receiving the scholarship will impact your ability to continue your education.
    • Describe the potential consequences of not receiving the financial aid.

Important Notes:

  • Limited Availability: There are limited spots available for the Summer scholarship.
  • Priority Consideration: Due to budget constraints, priority will be given to students who are already enrolled in the BEMP program.

Ensure that your petition is thorough, concise, and provides a compelling case for your need for financial assistance. The scholarship committee will use this information to make their decisions, so it is crucial to present your situation clearly and persuasively.