BAYCC Scholarship & Mentorship Programs

Baycc Scholarship Program Numbers

Welcome to the BAYCC Educational Scholarship and Mentorship Programs page.

We’re thrilled to provide financial support to committed full-time students in Northern California who are college-bound high school seniors, ESL students, or attending a United States-accredited college or graduate program.

We have two scholarship programs: Baycc Scholarship Program and Baycc Mentorship Program

Our programs are committed to fostering academic excellence and active community involvement, following the principles of the Hizmet Movement. We’re searching for applicants who show a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher and are actively engaged in community service and activities that align with the values of the Hizmet Movement.


Take a look at our programs are excellent opportunities for eligible students—U.S. residents, permanent residents, or eligible non-citizens—to receive financial support to achieve their academic goals while positively impacting their community.

Discover more about our application process, necessary documentation, and timeline, and get started on your application journey.