Çay, Çekirdek, Chat, Life, The Universe and Eve

Making its return with a pot of tea, baby carrots, and a lot of sunflower seeds, the Cay, Cekirdek & Chat- Game Night Edition was the second edition of the bi-weekly group discussion event held by the RISE youth group. The event, held on Saturday evening at the Mindrome Coworking Space main hall, attracted over 15 guests and featured a stimulating discussion of Life, The Universe, and Everything, as well as a lot of trolley problems. The event saw a jarring venture into the workings of space, time, and gravity (with speaker Sami Kaya) that transitioned into an entertaining Game Night, the staple event of RISE that features board games and noise levels above the recommended minimum. We thank our dear participants for being a part of the experience and encourage our audience to be on the lookout for the next round of good tea and good talk.