Çay, Çekirdek, Chat Using Psychology in Design

How do designers use psychology to make interfaces more suitable for users? How does the mind work when perceiving content? How are Spotify designers killing it right now? This is exactly what we answered on the third-ever Cay, Cekirdek & Chat- Art Edition held by RISE, featuring Dilara Sarigoz as the lead speaker in venturing through shapes, lines, and a splash of color. With mental exercises for memory, assigning names to shapes, and making origami that is perhaps a little too big, the night saw an entertaining discussion of modern design that was followed by a group art session with a lot of paper and a lot of folds. Accommodating over a dozen guests and a round of Krispy Kreme with tea brewed just right, the event was yet another success for the itinerary of the bi-weekly Cay, Cekirdek & Chat. What are we up to next? Stay tuned to find out.