Çay, Çekirdek & Chat with Judge Bondonno

What is the current state of the California legislation system? What does it feel like to determine an entire person’s future in a courtroom? What are some of the difficulties of working in juvenile law? On February 18t, 2024, youth group RISE held the 5th Çay, Çekirdek & Chat event and invited Judge Bondonno to find out. Following the usual format of the event, the attendees gathered around the speaker in a circle and with complete interest, and listened as Judge Bondonno shared a bit about his background, accomplishments, difficulties and personal life. After the introductions were made, Mr. Bondonno continued to take the attendees on a whim by sharing anecdotes from his career, discussing his time as a juvenile and California supreme court judge and the dilemma of working as many years as himself in the field of law. Judge Bondonno’s decades worth of expertise especially shined through in the latter part of the event. Throughout a generous window of time, he received and answered questions from the audience in a socratic format, touching upon topics such as government regulation, discrimination, the place of minority groups in American society, and support movements that still persist today.