Interfaith Iftar at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

Grace Cathedral and the Pacifica Institute proudly co-hosted their annual iftar dinner in San Francisco, joined by esteemed partners such as BAYCC, the San Francisco Interfaith Council, and numerous other faith houses and peace organizations on Thursday, April 4. This vibrant gathering epitomized the spirit of community as members from diverse backgrounds came together to commemorate Ramadan under the theme “Ramadan: A Month of Connecting Communities.”

Renowned figures, including community leaders, the Attorney General, and an FBI officer, graced the event with their presence, sharing insights and reflections on the significance of Ramadan and its role in fostering unity. The evening was further enriched by the mesmerizing melodies the Pacifica Institute’s music group performed, resonating joyfully with all attendees. Guests engaged in meaningful conversations during dinner, forging new friendships and connections that transcended boundaries and strengthened bonds.