Fundraising Night Art Gala

Embellished in chair bows, balloon garlands, and the good-will of Bay Area’s people, the 2023 Kids for Kids Fundraiser Art Gala- organized and hosted by Embrace Relief NorCal – was the first event of its kind, setting the bar for all future fundraisers at the BAYCC. The gala event, running from 7 to 10 PM on the evening of Saturday 9th, featured a groundbreaking approach to fundraising, which then proved to be a tremendous success as the night unfolded: an auction.

Semi-formal and boutique in nature, the fundraiser gala featured the artworks of young children within the community, which were then auctioned off throughout three rounds. The young artists were able to witness the live auctioning of their pieces, with some of them taking the initiative to explain their masterpieces, their processes, and their interpretations to the audience. For this partnership fundraiser with St. Judes Hospital towards pediatric diseases, Embrace Relief NorCal was able to gather over $5,000- nearly twice the original goal of $3000. Over forty artworks were auctioned over three hours.

Embodying a stunning maroon and gold theme, the decor of the gala transformed the atmosphere, pronouncing professionalism and aesthetics. The system of the auction functioned traditionally with a board-and-marker, where attendees could bid any amount freely by writing and raising their board pads. Classical music and generous lighting accompanied the overall decor, marking the night unforgettable for guests and organizers alike.

The event featured a rich choice of drinks and appetizers accompanied by hostesses, giving the night a true gala feel. Cranberry juice, apple cider, and traditional black tea were some of the beverage options available, while the appetizers included fruit skewers, cracker sandwiches, and the infamous Ashure among other choices for the guest’s disposal. Accommodations for children were available for both the menu and for seating, contributing colorfully to the night and its primary purpose: empowering a brighter future through children and children’s health.

Embrace Relief NorCal is the branch of the non-profit organization Embrace Relief, which continues to operate humanitarian actions on a national and international basis today. The Kids for Kids Fundraiser Gala was no exception, with the Californian team putting up an event that combined the holistic values of the organization with an eye for aesthetics, ultimately harboring a stunning production.

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