Hike Reflect Stanford Dish Trail

Nature and reading? Sign us up. The Hike, Read & Reflect event, a brand new addition to the hybrid events held by youth group RISE, was a wonderful mix of hiking and reading about creation, existence, and nature itself. The hike that took place on the Stanford Dish Trail was an enriching workout of the body and mind, with a group reading session of the Tabiat Risalesi- a book on the creation of nature by Scholar Said Nursi- that followed a mid-morning walk along the tracks. The hike itself featured a gorgeous view of the Stanford University campus and a scattered set of astrological research discs that made the walk all the more interesting. The event was then wrapped by a reflection on the reading from Tabiat Risalesi, an immersive group experience within the very nature that the book entails. On behalf of RISE, we’d like to thank all participants for taking the initiative to exercise in this manner, and encourage our audience to be on the lookout for the next!