Presentation of Projects in UN CSW New York

Youthlink members organized a parallel event “Harnessing technology to empower women and young girls in the digital age” on March 15, Wed at 11:30 PM PDT,  2:30 PM EST at the Salvation Army in NY for the United Nations NGO CSW67. Three projects that aim to empower women and young girls through the use of technology have been presented.

The first project (HER) is an online tutoring program designed to help and empower Afghan refugee girls at middle school. Through this program, girls are connected with tutors who provide them with academic support and mentorship. The goal of this project is to help these girls overcome the challenges they face as refugees and gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

The second project (Python4Girls & Hackathon4Girls) is focused on encouraging and motivating young women and girls to pursue careers in the tech field. Through a series of free coding classes and hackathons, we aim to inspire young women to explore their interests in tech and gain the skills they need to succeed. By creating a supportive and inclusive environment, we hope to break down barriers that have traditionally kept women out of the tech industry.

Finally, our third project focuses on sparking climate change activism in young girls through the agency of innovation and technology. By providing girls with the tools and resources they need to learn about climate change and take action, we hope to create a generation of young women who are passionate about protecting our planet.