Seminar and International Women’s Day Celebration

We celebrated International Women’s Day on March 11, Saturday at Los Altos Library, Orchard Room with a “How Women Beautify the World”. The event wa sorganized by Women Empowerment & Youthlink groups. We had speakers and an audience from diverse backgrounds gathered together. Marita Grudzen reminded us how simple looking things in our daily lives created by women make the moment and the place beautiful. Noshaba Afzal shared how she contributed to beautifying the world by helping orphans through GiveLight Foundation and how rewarding the experience of volunteering for orphans has been for her and her family. Nilufer, Ayse Kubra and Miha from Youthlink group presented their current and future projects for empowering young girls in the age of technology. Nilufer talked about their vision to empower girls in the Silicon Valley to be a part of the tech industry. Ayse Kubra shared how they contribute to equity in education by providing free online tutoring to Afghan refugee girls in the Sacramento area. Miha joined us from Canada and talked about the journey she took with her middle class students to produce a song and a video clip that calls for action for climate change. And our emcee, Zeynep from Youthlink group orchestrated the event smoothly and left everyone with joy for celebrating International Women’s Day all together as a community.